Hi Gorgeous!

My name is Tia. I’m a single mom of 2 beautiful little girls, mom blogger, and unintentional jokester. I help overworked moms make money online with affiliate marketing, courses, and ebooks so they can quit their dreaded 9-5 and make time for their family again while working from home at the same time! Yes, it’s very possible.




After my first daughter was born, I got a job working at a local bank. Everything was fine until the day I got a text from her dad saying she took her first steps. I….WAS….EXCITED! My baby finally took her first steps. How amazing right? Well, the glory didn’t last long because instant working mom guilt set in.


How did I miss my baby’s first steps? My FIRST baby? Omg I wanted to cry, not to mention I was pregnant with my second daughter soooo yea. The hormones started playing it’s toll. When I got home, I gave her the biggest hug and a treat after dinner to celebrate. I got in the bed and he noticed how sad I was about missing her first steps so he suggested finding jobs to make money online. Blogging was one of them.


Fast forward to Nov 2018 and I am a proud stay at home mom and haven’t missed any other of my babies’ first anything anymore and it was all thanks to affiliate marketing, courses, and ebook sales! This blog will give you the tips, tricks, and resources I used and still use to help you do the same! Are you ready to get started? Then sign up for the free webinar below:



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