“Boost affiliate sales!” Something we all wish we knew the secret to when we were newbies. Well, I’m dishing all the secrets expert bloggers don’t want you to know so you can double & triple your income. It’s not impossible to make money online blogging. It’s actually pretty easy!


As a stay at home mompreneur, I am always looking for ways to significantly grow my social media, email, income, and marketing strategies. When you’re new on the scene, you tend to consume all the information there is so you can get started with these techniques right away.


The thing that we don’t take into account early on is that you can’t just slap affiliate links everywhere and hope for the best. There are certain strategies that need to be in place. Affiliate marketing requires accountability, responsibility, and a good amount of finesse.


I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now and even though I was able to make $1k only blogging off and on for 4-6 months, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I’m eternally grateful though! I had no strategy. I had no responsibility and I definitely didn’t have any finesse until now. Below, I’m dishing 7 tips I’ve learned to help boost affiliate sales.


Learn how to boost your sales and triple your income with affiiate marketing so you can make money online blogging!


7 Tips for To Boost Your Affiliate Sales!


1. Be genuine

I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times, but it is a very good trait to have if you want a chance to boost affiliate sales. You don’t want to be that blogger that became a sell-out because you’re providing content to sell and not to solve a problem. You know how you come up with a new post or video on how your audience can benefit from a hack or resource you found? How excited were you to tell your audience?


Do the same thing with paid content. Make sure your mission stays the same: to solve your reader’s issue. Your readers love you for a reason. They can feel you come from a genuine place when providing them with free content so it should stay the same throughout all your content, free or paid.


2. Provide as much detail as possible

Providing thorough details on a product, especially if it’s higher priced, is an effective strategy you’d want to use to boost affiliate sales. Let’s go through a quick scenario. You’re ready to upgrade your cell phone and you’ve been looking at two different options: iPhone X and Galaxy S9. You go into the Sprint store and a sales consultant approaches you. You tell him/her what you need and the options you’re looking for. What does the sales consultant do next?


They bring you over to the phone, tell you the price, go over the physical and electronic features, and hones in on the benefits of purchasing that phone. Also, they tell you the pros AND the cons so you know exactly what you’re getting with each option. This is exactly what you need to do when promoting your affiliate product.


As a creator, I love to customize my business as much as possible. If you’re trying to convince me to migrate to  Convertkit, gushing about all of the great features of automation and segmenting, but leave out the fact that their opt-in forms and landing pages have little to no customization features, I’m going to be really disappointed. I’m going to assume you just wanted my money and not help me with email marketing. I want to know all the features, the benefits, what I can and can’t get with my product.


“But, won’t that scare them off from buying the product altogether?”



Not really, no. The purchasing decision is up to your reader. Just like you’d think if someone was only telling you the good parts of a product, you’d think it was just a scam to get your money. It’s best to just be upfront about everything in the product and let your customer make the decision.



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3. Tell a story

A simple way to boost affiliate sales is to always be relatable. We are emotional creatures. Tell a personal story of how this product has helped you overcome your issue or helped you work through a problem. Touch on your frustrations before you came in contact with the product. Provide a mini case study on your before and after results with the product. Tell them your favorite parts and which features and benefits gave you the most results. Try to show before and after pictures if you can.

4. Bonus Incentive

When starting out, an easy way to boost affiliate sales is to add an incentive. An incentive offer can be a free or paid extra piece of value for purchasing the original product. If you’re promoting Convertkit, offer a checklist of 20 ways to grow your email list organically, a swipe file of your most effective emails, or maybe a discount/free entry to one of your paid related products. This shows your reader that you care about their success and you’re willing to help in any way you can even though you’re profiting in some way from it.


5. Upsell

Upsells are definitely an effective way to boost affiliate sales. If you’re a really gutsy newbie and want to go all out your first try, you can add upsells to your affiliate products. This is what a lot of experienced bloggers and online marketers do to increase overall sales.


When you provide enough value that converts, your reader becomes a “warm lead.” Warm leads are customers that are in the buying phase and are at a higher percent to keep buying from you at that moment so marketers offer upsells or cross-sell (selling a product related to another product).


The upsell process is after consumer purchases the product, they are redirected to another sales page with a product at either a discount or lower price. Usually, there is added urgency to get the customer to buy such as a countdown timer letting them know that the offer is only available at a limited time. It can be your own personal product or another related affiliate product. 



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6. Cross Sell

Not only can you boost affiliate sales, it can almost triple your income.  A cross-sell is when a customer purchases a product, you promote another product to them that is within the same realm or topic. Let’s say your consumer just purchased a Convertkit membership through your link. Because they purchased, you send an email to them with the free bonus checklist of 20 organic ways to grow your email list. Once that download link is clicked, it triggers an email sequence or sales funnel that gives them tips and tools on how to effectively use the freebie that leads to a sell of a related product.


If you really want to sweeten the deal and make a great impression on your new customer, you can offer a discount on this product and add another incentive. This way, your new customer is getting more bang for her(or his) buck because you offer incentives and discounts. This is a very effective way to turn your consumer into a loyal, repeat customer.


7. Pre-sale


If you don’t have anything to upsell or cross-sell right now, it’s okay. You can still boost affiliate sales by performing a pre-sell. Pre-selling is selling a product or service that hasn’t been fully created yet. If you have an ebook idea on 50 Ways to Organically Grow Your Email List or email templates you can pre-sell to the readers who bought the Convertkit membership and/or downloaded the 20 Organic Ways to Grow Your Email List freebie. You can touch on how the ebook or templates will help your reader benefit from the ebook.


Want to make money online or make money blogging, but struggling to grow your email list? Learn the strategies and methods I used to make $1k blogging with no email list!



So, we went over 7 tips to help you boost affiliate sales. You don’t have to try all of these at once. You can choose 1-2 to start out with and then test the waters by upgrading your marketing strategy. Please, do not feel pressured to make as much as someone else.


This is YOUR journey. Do not compare where you are to where someone else is. It could’ve taken them 5 years to finally get to where they are. All of this information wasn’t available back then. Entrepreneurship is trial and error. What works for others won’t necessarily work for you. Thank you for reading! Oh, don’t forget to click here and learn how to write powerful affiliate posts to increase your affiliate sales!





Learn how to boost your sales and triple your income with affiiate marketing so you can make money online blogging!