Top 5 Reasons Webinars Intimidate Creative Entrepreneurs

Webinars, the one thing I’ve seen intimidate creative entrepreneurs, including myself, from advancing in their business. Webinars, or live workshops, have seen significant rising in the blogging world. I’ve signed up for plenty of webinars and still am.


They are a great way to deliver information to your audience because it gives a feeling of a personal connection. Webinars have awesome advantages, but they also have their disadvantages, which is a topic for another blog post coming soon. Stay on the lookout *wink*.


Today, I want to shed light and give you the top 5 reasons why it is really intimidating for newbies to host their very first webinar or live workshop and here they are below:


Always wondered how it'd be to host your own webinar? Me too! Here, I explain the top 5 reasons why webinars intimidate creatives to where they don't want to host them.


Top 5 Reasons Webinars Intimidate Creative Entrepreneurs



  1. Afraid to Bomb/Fail


There are so many technical difficulties that can go wrong when it comes to hosting webinars. You have lighting, static/gritty screen, internet connection, webinar software goes down with their own technical difficulties, your mic or screen suddenly goes out, missing slides, slides don’t work, etc etc.


No one wants to suffer through any kind of technical difficulties let alone for newbies hosting their very first one! YIKES!! Talk about bad luck, right? All you can do is send a broadcast to those who signed up for the webinar, let them know what happened and plan to reschedule. They’ll totally understand.


  1. Don’t Feel Qualified to Teach


This is an overall issue within the blogging world where we as bloggers feel they’re not qualified enough to teach other people on certain topics. We feel as though we don’t have the knowledge or enough expertise to feel qualified enough to establish ourselves as an expert in our field.


I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to have a certain amount of expertise. You don’t have to have been blogging for a certain amount of time or have some fancy degree to teach someone on a specific topic.


The trick is as long as you have a little bit more knowledge than your audience, you are qualified to establish yourself as an expert.  It can be a helpful tip, successful trick, or a time-saving hack that reaches a certain result faster.


If you know this is a piece of information that no one really knows about that your reader can benefit from, you have the expertise to teach it.


Webinars are being hosted from left to right, but then there are those bloggers who are afraid to host a webinar themselves. Here the top 5 reasons webinars intimidate creative entrepreneurs


  1. No One Purchases your Products or Services


We as bloggers are no strangers to the hype of others hosting a successful webinar. If you deliver great content during the webinar and pitch a product or service at the end, you’re bound to make sales.


Allison from Wonderlass made $2k during her first webinar and so did Mariah from Fempreneur, who made $4k with hosting her first webinar. Talk about beginner’s luck, huh? With all of the successful sales, you’d want to try your hand at it too and I definitely don’t blame you.


Even earning just $100 from your very first webinar is deemed a success in my book. There’s always that possibility that you end up making no sales whatsoever. It’d make you feel a lil shitty and you’d start to regret that you even tried hosting a webinar and prevent you from hosting any time in the future.  


Well if this happens, I say allow yourself to feel bad for about a minute or 2 then snap out of it! This is nothing, but a learning experience. Evaluate the webinar plan and highlight what you think worked and what you knew didn’t work. You’ll know what to do and what not to do in your next webinar. Besides, this experience could make for an informational blog post =)


  1. No One Shows Up


This would break anyone’s heart. To know that all of your hard work resulted in complete failure. You worked so hard to come up with the content and organize them perfectly in your slides, you designed your opt-in and thank you pages, sent out informational and fun reminder emails, and you promoted the hell out of this webinar.


You can’t sleep the night before because you’re so excited. The day finally comes and you get all dressed up, hair and makeup looking good and your outfit on point and you’ve got only a couple of minutes before you go live. You decide to quickly grab a bite to eat and grab your favorite beverage and head back into your office.


30 seconds until live so you’re doing last minute lighting and mic adjustments and now it’s time to go live! You press the button and then……crickets. No one is there, but you know they’re last minute stragglers so you start anyway and just give it time. As you’re talking 5 minutes go by…..then 10…..then 15 and no one is there.


You finish the webinar, run to the bathroom, and just ball your eyes out. You feel like no one likes you, you did all of this work for nothing, you call yourself a failure and so on. Instead of beating yourself up, see this as a practice run and something you can check off of your blogging to do lists.


YOU JUST HOSTED YOUR FIRST WEBINAR! You conquered your fear! Just because no one showed up doesn’t mean you’re a failure whatsoever. It classifies you as a risk taker and a fear conqueror. You did something you never thought you’d have the courage to do. Pat yourself on the back, babe!


Webinars are being hosted from left to right, but then there are those bloggers who are afraid to host a webinar themselves. Here the top 5 reasons webinars intimidate creative entrepreneurs





The mere thought of approaching a stranger is enough to make you pee your pants, but NOW you want to put me on camera and speak in front of a couple hundred thousand million trillion strangers?! Just throw me to a pack of wolves!!


Naw foreal though, I, like plenty of other creatives,  are super duper shy and trying to be on camera will just amplify that anxiety x1000,000. To get over this feeling, I say do some of your favorite calming exercises.


What breathing patterns do you usually do to calm yourself down? Imagine you’re talking to a family member or best friend.  Keep a cup of water beside you just in case your mouth starts to get dry.


If you’re too nervous, keep a stress ball in your lap. When you feel yourself starting to get overanxious, squeeze the ball really tight a couple of times and imagine your hands are a passageway for all the anxiety to travel from your body to the ball. You should start feeling a little better afterward.


THERE YOU HAVE IT! The top 5 reasons webinars intimidate creative entrepreneurs! Have you hosted a webinar before? How was your first time?


Did you bomb or was a hit? Did you make any sales? Let me know in the comments because I’ll be hosting my very first webinar in the upcoming weeks and I’d like to get some insight on a couple of webinar dos and don’ts!



Always wondered how it'd be to host your own webinar? Me too! Here, I explain the top 5 reasons why webinars intimidate creatives to where they don't want to host them.

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