I’ve spoken about my daughters a couple times throughout my blog. Laila is yet to be born, but it’s Lauren first birthday!! She’s a year old!

Lauren Imani was born March 14, 2016, at 4lbs 14oz and 17in. She was born at 35 weeks 6 days. That was the first time I became a mother. I was just in shock. My baby girl was finally here. I spent the next 4 days in the hospital just holding her in my arms. I didn’t want to put her down unless I had to use the bathroom. My doctor and nurses adored her. They always found a reason to come visit us or I should say her.  Soon, we had to adjust to life at home. Man, it was rough! I was still healing, couldn’t be on my feet for too long and she was always hungry. Lauren was what people call a good baby. She mostly slept which gave me time to catch up on sleep, but it was times I had to wake her to eat. Other than that, I had it good.

Fast forward to this year and she is a year old. Watching her grow right before my eyes was an amazing journey. They really do grow up fast. I wanted to shed a tear. I keep getting questioned, “How does it feel to have a one-year-old?” All I can say is I’m still in amazement. I have a one-year-old. Just saying it gives me a confused look lol. It finally set in when I went to Walmart to order her Minnie Mouse birthday cake, bought her a simple, but pretty birthday outfit and all the decor. I had balloons, streamers, birthday banner, Minnie Mouse bracelets for her cousins and Kevin ordered the catering.  It was a perfectly small get together with family. My family is in Chicago and couldn’t make it down so that kind of bummed me just a little, but they’re going to make it up to her this summer so I’m excited!

The party was going smoothly. The food was good, the kids played, adults had good conversation and Lauren opened her gifts, but then there was the cake. I picked her up and we all sang Happy Birthday and blew out her candle. It was time to cut the cake until I heard someone say, “Tia, there’s a hair in her cake.” I said, “Excuse me?” I turned around and examined her cake. I instantly got upset. I was upset there was a hair in it and that I didn’t notice it when I went to pick it up. I checked to make sure it wasn’t my hair or anyone else’s. We examined it again and the hair was underneath the buttercream icing so it was from the store. I immediately went into Lauren’s room and called the store. They apologized, gave me a refund and remade the cake within 20 minutes. As soon as I got the cake I exchanged the old one for the newly prepared cake. I examined it before I left the store and looked it over again getting into the car. I was still upset because everything was going so smoothly and then I ran into this problem. I put on my game face before walking into the house so we could finish the party.

After everyone had cake and ice cream, we talked a little more than everyone left. Everything worked out in the end. Now it’s time to plan her second birthday party and Laila’s first birthday party. I’m going to tell Kevin to take Lauren’s party plans because he likes to do big plans. She’s a daddy’s girl anyway so it’ll work out lol. Tell me about you guy’s first birthday parties for your babies. Was it a success? Did you bomb the whole thing? I want to hear!!