How To Get Over 1600 Views Your First Month!


“1600 page views your first month? Impossible!”

How many of you said that in your head? It really isn’t impossible to get over 1600 views within your first month. With the right strategy in place, you can double that number! You have to stay dedicated, motivated and most of all, positive. Keep a positive mindset or you’ll cause your own downfall. Why did you start your blog? Use that to keep pushing towards your goals. 

Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Facebook


All you hear is, ” All traffic will come from Pinterest.”

People underestimate the greatness of Facebook.


Pinterest is the new craze and favorite among search engines other than Google.  In my opinion, Pinterest is Google’s biggest competitor. We used Google for everything, but now the first place is Pinterest. I am, too, guilty of this. When it comes to new recipes and DIY, I will open my Pinterest app in a heartbeat.


Another thing about Pinterest is the amount of traffic it brings. This is why bloggers always say to build a foundation on Pinterest. Their traffic will do your blog wonders with the right images, titles, tags and all that jazz. What I’ve discovered in the midst of this Pinterest Poise, is that Facebook can give you great traffic as well. To be completely honest with you, Facebook gave me the most amount of views. With the help of my “mini-viral” post, Monetizing Your BlogI got the hugest spike in traffic. Most of the views came from Facebook and it began to be shared on Pinterest by the 2nd day which spiked traffic as well. I received Facebook traffic with these three steps: