Passive Income Ideas for Stay At Home Moms!

Hey, stay at home mom!


Were you like me and tired of waking up super early, hustling to get yourself and the little one(s) dressed for daycare/school and then rushing off to a 9-5 where you’re being taken advantage of, underappreciated, unmotivated, and feeling as though you’re not reaching your full potential because it’s just something to pay the bills? 


Virtual high five babes because I was there. I felt that pain and then some. Just a year ago, I was working at a draining 9-5 that I loved at first but then ended up loathing. Why? Because of that one day, everything changed for me. My daughters’ dad text me one morning while I was at work and told me my oldest daughter, Lauren, took her first steps! I was so excited!


Then, I got super sad. Why? Because I missed it. I missed my baby’s first steps. My first child’s steps all because of a job I hated, but worked every day because it was something to pay the bills. The rest of that day, I just couldn’t help, but feel like it was my fault even though I know it really wasn’t, but we’ve all experienced that working mom guilt.


After she went to bed, I showered and got into bed. I couldn’t sleep and their father asked me why. I told him how I felt and he completely understood. He reassured me that it wasn’t my fault and told me to Google some ways on how to make money from home. You better believe as soon as I got home from work that next night, I was Googling my ass off. (I curse sometimes, sorry for the faint of heart).


Of course, all the obvious jobs came up, but NONE of them resonated with me. I just so happened to text my mom talking to her about my mission and she told me to try blogging. I said, “I don’t even know how to begin with that.” She told me to go on Pinterest and look it up.


Fast forward to Oct 2018, I’m a stay at home mom and get the pleasure to make money online blogging while raising my kids and watching them grow into the beautiful, destructive toddlers they were meant to be lol. Wondering how I did it? With passive income! Keep reading to figure out what passive income is and how YOU can get started today!


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Passive income is known as a “set it and forget” way of making money online. Passive income allows you to make money in your sleep or while grocery shopping. One thing that’s misleading about passive income is when they say you create something once and never have to worry about it again. That’s kind of a truth and a lie.  GASPS! Shocker, huh? Let’s talk about it.


Majority of passive income is passive, yes, but not all of it. Why and how? It depends on the type of content you create as passive income such as certain strategies to start and grow your blog. Social media marketing strategies, specifically.


See, when we’re just now starting out, we comb the internet for ways to start and grow our blogs. Of course, we’ve all come across the social media strategies, specifically Pinterest. There are TONS of free and paid content out there about Pinterest and how to dig into that gold mine of increasing traffic and income.


Pinterest isn’t a social platform, we know this, but the algorithm of it is always changing though. So that means whatever content you put out about Pinterest, you’ll constantly be updating it almost every 1-3 months. Remember how people describe passive income being a set it and forget it method? This is the exception to it.


It’s not bad at all, though. It just means you care about others. You hold true to your word and really want to help others gain the same exposure you did with the right strategies to grow their blogs. I just wish that other “gurus” would tell us up and coming bloggers the real truths about passive income and the actual work you have to put in because trust me, it isn’t always as easy as they say.


Passive income involves time, effort, research, the right amount of content, pricing, what type of passive income methods to use RIGHT NOW instead of jumping into a commitment you can’t make as of yet. It’s just soooo much, but don’t get overwhelmed. I’m here to break it down for you as easy as possible. Let’s jump into it.


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There are PLENTY of passive income ideas where you can make money blogging online. Here are 5 of the well-known ways to do so:



Passive Income Ideas for Stay At Home Moms


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is on top of the list of awesome passive income ideas. This is when you get paid a commission to promote a product or service. This is how I made my first $20 blogging and then went on to make over $300 in 2 separate months. (You can read here how I did it with Pinterest). Affiliate marketing truly is the easiest way to GET STARTED making money blogging in the beginning stages.


Now let me forewarn you, there are SOME companies that you may want to promote who may not accept you if

  1. Your audience is not up to their requirements or
  2. Your audience doesn’t match the audience they want to reach


And that’s totally ok! Do not let that discourage you from trying this on the list of passive income ideas! You’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t at least try.


There are HUGE companies such as ShareASale or Ultimate Bundles (aff links), that work with beginner bloggers no matter the audience size! Click here for a list of the major companies that are eager to work with beginner bloggers so you can get on the right track to making easy dollars.



Digital Products


This is my fave on the list of passive income ideas! Digital products are products that you can create and sell online. This is a very popular and preferred way many like to make money online because of the fact that you retain all money earned instead of just a set amount like affiliate marketing.


With digital products come a lot of work, but it’s not as easy OR as complicated gurus make it sound. It just depends on you and your ability to schedule time and create it mostly. Some are easier and only may take 1 -2 days. Others may take up to 1 – 2 months, but that’s because of the amount of content you want to include in your product.


Here is a list of digital products that many find create a big stream of passive income:


  1. Courses
  2. eBooks
  3. Planners
  4. Printables
  5. Membership Sites
  6. Stock Photos
  7. Templates


Want to make money online or make money blogging, but struggling to grow your email list? Learn the strategies and methods I used to make $1k blogging with no email list!



Creating services are fast passive income ideas. I, personally, haven’t created a service as of yet, but I do intend on creating a coaching program to help moms make money online rrreeeaaallllllyyy soon. If you’re on my email list, you’ll definitely get the details first AND a huge discount as well! Not on it yet, you’re missing out! Grab one of my fab freebies now so you can get great tips, resources, and personal help on creating passive income online!


Anyway, enough of the email plug, but I know huge bloggers that make a killing creating services on their blog. With creating a service comes you having to devote a lot of your time and being available to help your client in every way possible. You also need to set boundaries as well so you don’t get overwhelmed.


Here is a list of services you can start to offer now. Click on the links to learn more and see which one is right for you:


  1. Freelance Writing
  2. Styled Stock Photographer
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Virtual Assistant
  5. Pinterest Manager/Assistant
  6. Coach
  7. WordPress Designer



Working with brands and companies are a fun way to make money if you’re a beauty, travel, and/or lifestyle blogger/vlogger. Brands usually require a certain following on social media, a certain audience that you reach in blogging or on YouTube, and some other requirements, but it does have its benefits!


I’ve actually had the pleasure of working with 5 brands on my Instagram. I received discounted items, free items, and more. It was definitely fun. All I had to do was post a pic on my Instagram talking about the product.Here is a detailed post on how you can get started working with brands and a list of quirks that come with it:


  1. Free/Discounted Items
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Brand Ambassador Opportunities
  4. Monetary Contracts
  5. First Look at New Content/Items
  6. Features On Website/Magazines
  7. Connections to Other Companies


Want to make money online or make money blogging, but struggling to grow your email list? Learn the strategies and methods I used to make $1k blogging with no email list!



Ever went to someone’s blog or site and see these square or rectangular promos splattered across the top, bottom or middle? Yep, those are ads. I personally didn’t like ads because of how it can slow your site down and I didn’t really have high amounts of traffic.


If you’re interested, you can start with Google Adsense. I’m actually going to dive back into this since I’m kind of a seasoned blogger now and actually know how they work based on this detailed post on how to get started with Google Adsense and other ad companies.



Quick Tips for Making Money Online


  1. Be genuine. No one likes a spammy salesperson
  2. Make sure you are solving a problem and not just suggesting a product for them to waste money on that they won’t ever use.
  3. Be patient. If something isn’t working for you, just re-evaluate your strategy and try again.
  4. Be intentional with your goals and methods. Don’t just do it because someone else tells you it’s an option. Make sure it’s something you absolutely know will help you get from point A to B as easy as possible.
  5. Always remember to give value no matter what it is. Tell them the benefits, features, and how it can change their life as it did yours.


Wrap up

Passive income ideas can lead to earning a healthy income online so you can quit that 9-5 you hate so much to be home with your kids and enjoy every minute of it! Passive income has allowed me to:

  1. Make $1k blogging in 4-6 months
  2. Quit the 9-5 I hated so much
  3. Be home to raise my daughters

I’m proud to say I am on track to moving out of a one bedroom basement apartment into a big 2 bedroom AND a brand new car! If passive income can allow me to create different streams of income and open doors to new opportunities, it can be the same for you! Have you started with passive income yet? Are you confused on how to start? Let’s talk about it!





Here are passive income ideas for stay at home moms so you can learn how to make money blogging as a stay at home mom and work from home! - Mama's Digital Empire #PassiveIncomeIdeasforStayAtHomeMoms #PassiveIncomeIdeas #MakeMoneyOnlineAsAStayAtHomeMom #MakeMoneyBlogging2019 #HowSingleMomsMakeMoneyOnline #HowSingleMomsMakeMoneyBlogging #HowSingleMomsMakeMoneyFromHome #MakeMoneyFromHome

7 Ways to Fail a Product launch

Want to create passive income online with digital products? Before you do, read this post on 7 ways to fail a digital product launch so you don't make the same mistakes!

A product launch: something that every online entrepreneur fears, especially as a beginner. That’s why there needs to be a strategy in place every time you launch, but everyone makes mistakes. Here I list the mistakes I made when I failed my recent product launch.


Like every other entrepreneur, I went into business for myself to have financial freedom, work on my own terms, and be able to support my lifestyle by making passive income online doing something I love. After rebranding, creating an FB community full of my dream clients.


I’ve done multiple free trainings in my FB group so I decided it was time to create and launch a live course. I started creating the outline and had the content planned out. Getting comfortable being on camera, I decided to do two live trainings in relation to the topic of the course. In the end, I pitched my course and then waited for the sales to come.



Later that day, I sent out emails to my list with the replay and announced my course again with discounts and letting my list know that the cart will be closing in a couple days. I got clicks to the website, but no one was buying. It’s the first day. I didn’t panic…..until 3 days later!


Download your FREE Product Creation Roadmap so you can learn the steps it takes to successfully create first or next digital product!



3 days, no sales. Just clicks to the sales page. I did get compliments on the copy, but that was it. You can  take a look here if you want. It….was…DEVASTATING! I told myself I would give it one more day. Another day went by and crickets…..I scrapped the launch, cried in the corner and then tried to figure out exactly what went wrong. After actually going over the launch strategy, I figured out 7 things that made me fail my course launch. 



I was totally embarrassed! After taking a day of feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I should write a blog post warning others not to make the same mistakes I made when it’s time for their product launch. Many of us don’t talk about our failures, but I think it’s important because it shows the world that we’re still humans. We mess up and as entrepreneurs, it’s destiny to mess up, but as long as we learn from those mistakes, we’re able to be, do, and have whatever we want. Enough with the small talk. Here’s:


Learn 7 ways to fail a product launch so you don't make these mistakes!

7 Ways to Fail a Product Launch



1. Not having a plan

The WORST thing you can ever do is not have a plan! Creating a plan gives you structure. It keeps the content creation process organized and right on time so no other task spills into the other causing a delay. Without a plan, you’ll be all over the place. This is the time to stay organized and productive.


2. Not validating my idea

Another grave mistake. You ALWAYS want to validate your idea on a digital product. You don’t want to invest all this time or money on something your dream clients (or anyone else for that matter) don’t really want or need. Save yourself the heartache and the headache.



3. Not asking my dream clients what they wanted

This ties into validating an idea. If you have a Facebook group, an email list, or loyal followers on Instagram, ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT! They’re there for a reason. Your mission is to serve them and help them reach their dreams and goals. Why not ask them what they want or would like to see you create or speak on next.


4. Not nurturing my email list

If there’s one thing you can do to completely screw up your chances of creating passive income, it’s by NOT paying attention to your email list. Social media platforms are not guaranteed to be here forever. For all we know, they could shut down tomorrow. The one thing that’s forever is your email list.



You worked so hard for those dream clients and then to not nurture them with attention even if it’s just once a week is a travesty. UGH! I still can’t believe I did this one. I sprung this course on them and they didn’t even know it was in creation nor did they probably even need it! Not to mention, I only sent out 3 emails.



Download your FREE Product Creation Roadmap so you can learn the steps it takes to successfully create and launch your first or next digital product!

5. Not having a launch strategy

Could I have been any crazier? Like, this is one of the MOST important parts of a product launch and I didn’t even have a launch strategy.  I just started throwing posts up on Instagram, in different Facebook groups, threw some pins up on Pinterest, and thought I was done. I’m cringing as I look back on this.



6. Not creating awareness

Creating awareness is apart of the launch strategy, but very important enough to be its own mistake. Like I said before, my email list wasn’t even aware that I was creating a product. My Facebook group knew, but that was about it. By creating awareness the correct way, I could’ve gotten way more eyes on my product AND made some sales. Just craziness!


7. Not starting with a low priced product

That’s right. Instead of creating a low priced product to get used to my dream clients and customers purchasing from me and making sure my teachings resonate with them and fit their learning styles, I went straight for a product that was over $100. Over $200 actually. Like really, Tia? Really?



The Wrap Up

From these 7 mistakes, you can just see how and why my product launch was a complete #FAIL! This is expected from entrepreneurs the first time around. That’s why it’s always necessary to evaluate and tweak your strategies as you go along. It wasn’t a failure to me if you want me to be honest.





“Tia, how was it NOT a failure? You didn’t make any sales. Not even ONE! Most people make at least one.”  I hear what you’re saying, but a lot of people compare the word failure with giving up, and that’s not what I plan to do. Instead, I took this as just a big mindset shift.



What’s a mindset shift? A mindset shift is when you finally start understanding what others were saying or when you finally start seeing something in a different light. This finally made me understand why so many experts say to work backward, that you’re always in the launch phase, and launching starts when you first decide that you’re going to create a product. 



Ever since then, everything has been falling into place for me. I even started creating a product just from learning these valuable lessons, but this time I’m doing it right lol. Tell me, have you ever had a product launch or service launch fail? What did you do about it? What did you learn? Let’s talk about it in the comments! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! Truly grateful!




Everyone always tells you what to do when you're ready to launch your digital product. Read here on what NOT to do when launching digital products!


Learn How to Create an eBook & Make Passive Income

You’re making little to no money at all

And it’s frustrating the hell out of you. You’re trying your hand at affiliate marketing, freelancing, sponsored posts, anything you can try to monetize your blog or website.

You feel like throwing in the towel, thinking that, “Maybe this isn’t for me” or “Idk what I was thinking.” You even contemplated going back into the corporate world!

In the middle of your pity party, you have a lightbulb moment…”I’ll create my own products.” You’re excited……feeling good….then….you’re sad again. Why?

Because now you’re saying, “I can’t, I’m not an expert in anything” or “Who’s going to listen to me.” You’re doubting yourself again. 


Can I tell you something? Like frfr, let me tell you a secret among bloggers that you probably don’t know.