Hey mom, wish you could make money online and work from home so you don’t have to miss your baby’s “first'” moments? 


I remember when I was working full time as a bank teller and my daughter’s dad messaged me saying Lauren took her first steps! I was super excited, but then a wave of sadness overcame me. I missed my baby’s first steps. 


The sadness never left me for the rest of my shift. I almost came to tears because she was my first baby. I felt like a bad mom. At that moment, I realized that I didn’t want to have this happen ever again. So what did I do next?


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I quit my job!


I worked until I was on bedrest with my second daughter and never went back to work. I didn’t want to experience those sad emotions for missing Lauren’s first steps again with my baby, Laila. I decided that I was ready to take my blog full-time.


My kids’ father and I didn’t work out so I became a single mom. As you can see, I really needed to find a way to make some money so I can work from home. These 3 methods have really given me consistency to help pay my bills, afford to take my daughters out for bonding time, and experience the financial freedom I’ve always dreamed of from home so I can be with my children every day. Here are:


3 Top Ways Moms Can Make Consistent Money Online



1. Affiliate Marketing

The first $20 blogging came from affiliate marketing. You can read my first income report here. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s products and services for a percentage of the sale. The first affiliate I ever promoted was She Bold, (<– affiliate link) my favorite stock photo membership.


What I did was create a blog post on how to stand out online using feminine styled stock photos. I named free to very affordable styled stock memberships and promoted them everywhere. Everywhere meaning Facebook and Pinterest lol. A little while over the next 1 – 2 weeks, I received this email:



I was speechless! My first try at affiliate marketing just by writing a regular blog post that people were interested in actually made me some money! After that, I was hooked! I went on to make almost $400 in affiliate marketing with Ultimate Bundles for being a contributor with my first ever online course! I’ll touch more on that later in this post.  This is the best way to start off making money online as a newbie!




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2. Digital Products

Another way for single moms to make money online is to create digital products!  I absolutely LOVE creating and selling digital products! They’re so much fun to create, you create a product and connect it with a sales funnel and can sell it over and over again, AND you can also repurpose the same content to create even MORE products!



My first course, Become an Affiliate Blogger, was an affiliate marketing course for beginners. I took a leap in submitting my course for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2017 bundle and it was accepted! I never imagined that I’d make almost $400! I literally dropped tears! I also created an ebook and made over $100 within the first hour! Creating digital products are my jam! I just love them and the financial freedom they give a single mother like me!


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3. Services

Are you a natural at coaching people through their issues? Do you know a lot about weight loss tips you can provide a single mother to get rid of that baby weight? Genius at getting traffic from Pinterest? You need to go ahead and start charging for your natural talents!


For the results you see for yourself and others, you can charge premium prices, you create your own schedule, your clients work on YOUR terms, and it is a really quick way to earn some money. I mean getting paid for something you do every day and it’s on YOUR time and YOUR terms? Why not, babe?




To recap, my top 3 ways for single moms to make consistent money online is affiliate marketing, digital products, and services. I feel these are the quickest ways to help single moms and others to make money online quickly and effectively.


I went on to make $1k within my first year and I only blogged 4-6 months out of the year! If you want to do the same, make sure to enter your email below so I can send you the Mompreneur Money Workbook. I break down the steps I took in order to make my first $1k!



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